Juror FAQ

1. How long does it take to receive my Jury payment?
Jury payments are processed once a week, this occurs once the juror donation information is received from the courts.

2. How long do I have to cash my Jury payment?

Checks are considered void 90 days from the day of issuance.
According to Tex. Gov. Code § 61.001(f)(1)(2):
(f) A reimbursement for expenses under this section is not a property right of a person who reports for jury service for purposes of Chapters 72 and 74, Property Code. If a check, instrument, or other method of payment authorized under Section 113.048, Local Government Code, representing a reimbursement under this section is not presented for payment or redeemed before the 90th day after it is issued:
(1) the instrument or other method of payment is considered forfeited and is void; and
(2) the money represented by the instrument or other method of payment may be placed or retained in the county’s jury fund, the county’s general fund, or any other fund in which
county funds can be legally placed, at the discretion of the commissioners court.

3. I lost my Jury payment. Can the check be reissued?
Please call our office at (936) 539-7844 and ask to speak with Accounts Payable. Checks may be reissued based on verification procedures.

4. What charities can I donate my Jury payment to?
Currently, Jurors are able to donate to one of 3 permanent State mandated agencies (Crime victims, Local Child Welfare and Veterans Treatment Fund) and approved non-profit agencies. The 2019 list of organizations include the State mandated agencies, Heritage Museum of Montgomery County, Meals on Wheels Montgomery County, and Operation Pets Alive!

5. Why can’t I donate to a Specific Agency?
If you don’t see a specific agency, it either means they didn’t request to be on the list or they were not selected. Agencies must submit a written request along with their 501 C non-profit paperwork to the District Clerk’s office during open enrollment period, December 1st – December 15th to be considered for the New Year.

6. I don’t want a paper check. Can you send me my Jury payment electronically?
At this time, Jury payments are only distrubuted by paper check.

7. How long do you have to serve on a Jury in order to get paid?
Jurors are paid a flat rate of $10 when they appear and check-in regardless of whether or not they’re selected for a panel. If the Juror is required to return for any additional days, they will be paid $40 per day.

8. Where do I find information on where to go when I am called for Jury Duty?
Please see the District Clerk’s Website.