The Texas Constitution, Article XVI, Section 44, Local Government Code of the State of Texas Chapter 83. and Chapters 111. – 117. and Chapter. 155. provide for a County Treasurer and prescribe the duties as Chief Custodian of County Finance. Basic duties include, but are not limited to, receiving, investing, keeping and accounting, paying, applying, and disbursing all monies belonging to the County from whatever source derived, according to Law. The County Treasurer preserves the system of checks and balances within the financial administration of county finances.

Specific duties include:
Banker for Montgomery County working with departments and the public for receiving and disbursing funds, including general payments of County expenses, payments for Jury Duty, payments to Election Workers and County Payroll.

Investment Officer for Montgomery County funds working with external brokers and banking community for safest investment with good return on Montgomery County funds; insuring proper collateral for all Montgomery County investments and funds; and works with the Investment Committee to propose and oversee the Montgomery County Investment Policy, in compliance with the Public Funds Investment Act of Texas.

Contract Administrator for the Montgomery County Bank Depository, including negotiating of Contract and management of all facets of banking services for Montgomery County.

Agent for required monthly, quarterly, or annual Federal and/or State of Texas reports and payments for Montgomery County.

Reconciliation Agent for Montgomery County accounting, working with Depository Bank, County Departments and internal and external Auditors.

Statutory Supervisor of Unclaimed Property for Montgomery County valued at less than $100 Unclaimed Funds List. To search the Texas State Comptroller website for unclaimed funds click on the following link: State Comptroller Unclaimed Fund.

The County Treasurer’s Office serves as the Bail Bond Administrator for Montgomery County and is the Custodian of the Sheriff’s bail bond collateral.